Fabulous fast food from Fauchon

I wasn’t going to write about food, even though it’s a big part of our lives. As many you know, Carl does all the cooking in our household and is concerned not only with healthful menus, but the presentation of the food. One of the magnets on our refrigerator says “THE QUEEN DOESN’T COOK.”

One of the places on our “To Do” list was a visit to Fauchon, the world’s most exclusive gourmet store, across the street from “La Madeleine” church.

Here’s what we purchased to bring back to our room:

Sun-dried tomato, zucchini and chicken on phyllo

Carl said that from now on, he only wants take-out from Fauchon! We marveled at the freshness of the ingredients and the artful presentation of the food, even though it came in a plastic container. But oh! even the plastic containers were tasteful and had a Fauchon logo. We’re definitely going to keep them!

Crab and avocado salad from Fauchon

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