Battle of the Louvre

Carl with the Mona Lisa in the background

The next two days we will be spend as Paris tourists. Today we were two of 60,000 daily visitors to the Louvre, and believe me, I have no doubt that we did the right thing to buy a guided tour, called “Skip the Line Grand Louvre Tour.” It reminds me of going to Disneyland on a summer day, and not being able to step one foot in ANY direction without bumping into someone.

Our tour guide, Ursula, was extremely knowledgeable about art history and of course, took us to all the highlights, the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Wedding at Cana, etc. Again we wore headsets so that we could hear the commentary easily and not get lost.

One of many ornate ceilings at the Louvre

Napoleon's apartment at the Louvre

After the tour was over, we were free to explore the Louvre on our own, and I think what I liked best was the seeing the furnishings from the apartments of Napoleon. But I would be hard-pressed to even count the highlights because there were so many. I took nearly 100 pictures in the Louvre!

Fancy lady's desk in the Napoleon apartment

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