Victory at Versailles!

Kathy in the Hall of Mirrors

With temperatures in the 90s, we really weren’t looking forward to spending another hot, sweaty day among the hordes of tourists. So we wisely got up at the crack of dawn, ate breakfast in the hotel, and were on the train to Versailles by 8:30 a.m. That put our arrival at the Versailles at 9:05 a.m., shortly after its opening. This turned out to be our smartest move yet, because we arrived well ahead of the crowds.

The opulence of the furnishings and decoration of the rooms was not to be believed. It’s no wonder there was a French Revolution.

The organ in the Royal Chapel at Versailles

My favorite place in Versailles was the Royal Chapel (naturally!) because of the gorgeous organ case.

As we were walking back to the train to return to Paris, we could not believe the hundreds of tourists walking towards Versailles. We had successfully beat the crowds!

The long line for the toilets at Versailles!

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