Honolulu Symphony Musicians At LCH

Over the years, many Honolulu Symphony Musicians have either been engaged to play at, or have even become members of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. I remember years ago there was a task force on what kind of persons the congregation wanted to attract, and one category was “Symphony Musicians.”

Here’s a partial list of some Honolulu Symphony musicians who have either sung in the LCH choir or attended services at LCH (outside of being contracted to play):  Tod Bowermaster (horn), Cynthia Brown Bowermaster (violin), Elizabeth Hare (orchestra manager), Anthony Kniffen (tuba), Bruce Henniss (horn), Jeannie Henniss (horn), Gregory Dubay (cello), Janet Dubay (violin), Connie Uejio (harp), Ann Lillya (oboe), Jason Lichtenwalter (oboe), Eric Mathis (trombone), Wade Butin (horn), Laurilyn Butin (violin), Michael Gorman (double bass), Anna Womack (viola), Darel Stark (violin), Marsha Schweitzer (bassoon), Mark Butin (viola), and Claire Starz Butin (flute). Quite a list!

This Sunday, August 1st at 4 pm, there will be program featuring Darel Stark & Judy Barrett, violins; Ethan Pernela, viola; Joanna Morrison, cello; and John Gallagher, bass
playing Beethoven – String Trio in C minor Op. 9, No.3 and Dvorak – String Quintet in G Major, Op. 77. It’s part of the Musicians Chat series to inform the public about the situation with the Honolulu Symphony and to feature live music. A question and answer session will follow, along with refreshments.

Please join us!

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