The brochure is out!

It’s common knowledge that there has never been a publication without a mistake in it — “To err is human” — right? This past week, volunteers Vreni Griffith, Nedra Walker, Jeannette Johnson and Ian Capps spent many, many hours on preparing our Abendmusiken season brochure for mailing.

Most unfortunately, the ticket order form had a wrong time listed, and so I made a small label to be pasted over it. Thanks to these good folks and their dexterity, 2000 brochures got corrected. They next had to affix two wafer seal closures to each brochure, so that was another 4000 labels stuck on. Finally, the address label was pasted on, so that made a total of 4 labels per brochure! It was such a monumental task, and we all owe these good folks our gratitude!

The good news is that the season brochure was delivered to most everyone’s mailbox yesterday and now all we have to do is wait for a deluge of ticket orders! Our LCH webmaster, Bill Potter, set up a page for online tickets which accepts PayPal. That means you can use a credit card to order your tickets.

Here’s the page:

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