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On Sunday (9/26) on Hawaii Public Radio’s “Business of the Arts,” Carl Crosier, director of music at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, and Ian Capps, host of HPR’s
“The Early Muse” and member of Early Music Hawaii, joined Bob Sandla to discuss the monumental task of organizing the Hawaii premiere of Monteverdi’s Vespers for two full performances in November. Sunday at 6 pm on KHPR 88.1, repeated Tuesday, 9/28) on KIPO 89.3 at 5 pm. Tune in! After it airs, the broadcast will be archived on website.

The radio interview reveals the Gospel of Monteverdi’s Vespers According to Carl Crosier — that means that Carl has had to decide what parts are to be sung or played by what instruments. He has spent the last two months compiling the parts, making study recordings and contracting the artists for this monumental undertaking.

This past week I’ve also worked on a postcard mailing for the Monteverdi concert, and I wanted to show the interior of San Marco Basilica of Venice where Monteverdi took a position in 1613. Even though the Vespers was written three years earlier in 1610, I felt that the ornate richness of the church’s interior conveys the equally glorious nature of this music.

Through the kindness and generosity of David Brown, of, we are able to use his gorgeous photograph. In case you’ve never been to Venice in person, this website has a wonderful slideshow with audio commentary which “takes you there.” I would highly recommend it!

Monteverdi Postcard
Monteverdi Postcard

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