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Hawaii News Now

The time slots for the Monteverdi segments on HawaiiNewsNow’s Sunrise program tomorrow (November 4th) have changed. At 7:15 am, Richard Savino, theorbo player, will perform and at 8:50 am, The Whole Noyse (period brass ensemble) will play. If you can’t get near a television at that time, the two segments will be archived on the HawaiiNewsNow website.

This morning (November 3rd), please tune to Hawaii Public Radio, 88.1 FM, at 9 am to hear Monteverdi tenor, Derek Chester, talk about how the work paid for hardwood flooring in his house! The Hawaii performances will be his 21st and 22nd in just this year alone. He has two more Monteverdi performances after he leaves here. Richard Savino, theorbo, will also play and talk during the broadcast.

We had a very late rehearsal last night, because St. Theresa’s had a mass for All Souls last night. We didn’t start until 8:45 pm and finished at 10:30 pm. After we put all the instruments and chairs away, we didn’t get home until 11 pm.

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