How did they do that?

Matthew Tresler sings from the St. Andrew's apse.

Matthew Tresler sings from the St. Andrew's apse.

One of the “gimmicks,” if you will, about the Monteverdi Vespers, is the use of echo — that is, the repetition of a musical phrase by another soloist in another location. At St. Theresa’s we took advantage of the rear gallery and positioned Matthew Tresler, (one of the tenors) for the Audi Coelum, with a second renaissance harp (played by Connie Uejio). At St. Andrew’s Cathedral, we used the apse (the area directly behind the altar) for these echoes, and Matt turned his back to the audience.

In the “Magnificat, Gloria” Derek Chester (Tenor I) actually sang from inside the stairwell on the way to the rear gallery of St. Theresa’s, facing the wall. He also sang from the apse at St. Andrew’s.

In the “Magnificat,” Stephen Escher (cornetto I) played out to the audience while Alexandra Opsahl (cornetto II) turned her back and even faced me at the continuo organ. Everyone else heard it as an echo except me!

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