Accolades for Monteverdi

Monteverdi Choir at St. Andrew's Cathedral

Monteverdi Choir at St. Andrew's Cathedral - Team Red (St. Andrew's) and Team Blue (LCH)

We are continuing to receive thanks and accolades for our recent performances:

If you did NOT attend the Monteverdi, you missed one of the most amazing musical events to take place in Hawaii since statehood!  Kudos to Carl Crosier for outdoing himself by putting together all the right people and for undertaking to do such an amazing musical work.  In my lifetime it will go down as one of the most significant evenings of my musical life.  Thanks, Carl and Kathy! – K. B.

Thank you for doing a magnificent job of organizing and performing Monteverdi.  It was a splendid treat for us.  You have done so much to enrich our lives these past few years.  Thank you. -L. F.

Congratulations again to you and Carl for a fantastic, awe-inspiring performance with the Monteverdi.  It was tremendous! – S.L.

Let me congratulate you on the success of the Monteverdi’s Vespers 1610. It was really enjoyable and unique experience to hear many old musical instruments accompanying the choirs. – T.W.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you in person, but congratulations on an absolutely beautiful performance of the Vespers. Thank you so much for presenting it! – M. H.

“It was brilliant! the men sounded like one voice in the chants, the 2 sopranos were sublime together, the opening chorus exploded with beauty, and kudos to everyone. Thanks to you and Carl and all the musicians for bringing this to Honolulu!” – T.C.

I want to convey my profuse congratulations and gratitude for presenting the Monteverdi Vespers in Honolulu. Truly the Lord on high and his angels must have been pleased with both concerts. I am glad I attended both–especially with the full participation of the theorbo at St. Andrews. I will look for other opportunities to attend Carl-conducted music. May God continue to bless you and your magnificent ministry of music! – C.L.

Kathy and Carl-  My ears are still ringing with that wonderful concert on Friday night. – D. H.

It was simply exquisite. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and Carl! M. A. H.

I thought you would also like to see the letter Carl wrote to the Monteverdi Choir:

I hope you are all basking in the glow of the wonderful performances of the Vespers this past weekend. We shared with the community one of the truly great sacred choral masterworks of all time, and I believe those who attended really experienced that. Accolades have been streaming in. I’m sure Kathy will try to put something together to share the responses with you.

I wanted to let you know that I had breakfast with the Whole Noyse this morning, as I had no time last week to talk with them on a personal level. As you know, they have played more than 30 Vespers this year and have two more coming up in Houston and Dallas in a week or so. They had a wonderful time in Hawaii, as the days were free for them, so (they did not have) the concentrated pressure of many of their performances.

I wanted to share with you that they told me you were one of the very best choirs they had ever performed this piece with. They couldn’t believe we only had two choral rehearsals before we put it with the orchestra! They also said that this was hands down the most beautiful chant singing they had experienced for the Vespers and felt it added so much to the “context” of this work.

I was quite thrilled (and personally moved) by both performances. It is rare that you get an opportunity to do these works more than once. Even though it was challenging to perform in two different spaces, the settings were both ideal and each brought a unique quality to the experience.

Our mainland guest artists all had a wonderful time and loved collaborating with us, and would, of course, love to do it again! My congratulations and thanks to Georgine, Mihoko, Nick, Keane, and Rachel S. (stepping in at the last minute to cover alto parts) for their wonderful solo singing. Thank you to all of you for your dedication and hard work to bring the Monteverdi Vespers to life in Honolulu. I am enormously proud of you all!

Yours most sincerely,

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