The calm before the storm

After a super busy weekend filled with rehearsals and the TONS of music we did for Advent I and Advent Procession, “The Great ‘O’ Antiphons,” (plus Thanksgiving thrown in there), this week has no extra rehearsals or concerts and is somewhat of a relief. I say only, somewhat, because I finally got around to doing the mountain of laundry which was piling up around our house. Also there is the weekly bulletin to type, and I have also worked on the church’s Christmas ad for the newspaper, something I’ve done for years and years (I don’t know WHY or HOW I got this responsibility!) At least this year there’s only one daily newspaper (Star-Advertiser) and only one ad to create. In years past, I had to design two separate ads, one for the Honolulu Advertiser and one for the Star-Bulletin, because they used different column widths!

Another project I’ve worked on are three postcards for Christmas, New Year’s and the January 15th and 16th Vivaldi “Four Seasons” concerts. I guess it’s been about three or four years now, that we have mailed out a color postcard to promote our musical events. We found that it actually is cheaper to do a color postcard (printed on the mainland) than to print a black and white flyer locally. In fact, when I wasn’t able to get the Advent Procession postcard printed in time, and we had to go with a black-and-white flyer on blue paper, it cost nearly as much as 1000 color postcards! Ouch!

We’ve received only positive comments on the color postcards, and I understand  the cards themselves have become collector’s items! They can easily be posted on the home refrigerator without taking up a lot of space, and for me, they’ve become an outlet for my artistic design interests. For many years now, we have printed our Christmas programs with a color cover, and have used Renaissance or Baroque paintings of the nativity for the front. Carl is always asking me, “well, what graphic are we going to use this year?” I guess next year it won’t be an issue.

So, here’s a sneak peek at this year’s Christmas postcard. The painting is Pieter the Younger Brueghel’s “The Holy Family with St. John.”

Christmas 2010 at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu

Christmas 2010 at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu

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