Five Choirs in Five Days!

This is the week that was . . . sigh. Five different choirs in at least as many days! Last night (Tuesday), I had a late rehearsal with the Honolulu Handbell Ensemble at St. Theresa’s, which is performing with the Hawaii Sacred Choir on Saturday.

Carl and Kathy Crosier got leis at the Priory's concert, Bach 'Magnificat'

Carl and Kathy Crosier got leis at the Priory’s concert, Bach ‘Magnificat’

Then this afternoon, I was at home working on a project when the phone rang. Could I play the continuo part to the Bach ‘Magnificat’ with St. Andrew’s Priory . . . tonight? The rehearsal is at 4:30 pm, and the concert is at 6:30 pm. Well, of course! We just got back from the concert in which Carl played the harpsichord and I played the organ continuo. The girls, in grades 7th through 12th grade, did a creditable job on a difficult Bach work.

Tomorrow afternoon is the dress rehearsal for the Hawaii Sacred Choir, and it will be the first time I meet the choir. As it turns out, both Carl Crosier and Allen Bauchle will also be singing in the concert. Thursday night is of course LCH choir rehearsal.

Friday morning is my day to accompany the Lower School Choir (5th and 6th Graders) at Iolani School chapel.

Saturday morning is the LCH Choir concert at the Hawaii State Library, then Saturday afternoon is the Hawaii Sacred Choir concert at St. Theresa’s.

Tribute to Queen Emma (artist: Shari Leohone Magno)

Tribute to Queen Emma (artist: Shari Leohone Magno)

Just a typical week in the life of a church musician! By the way, in my previous post I referred to a painting which caught my eye at Aloha Tower Marketplace. I called the gallery today and got the scoop on the artist. I must apologize because I remembered it ALL and COMPLETELY wrong! The painting is a tribute to Queen Emma, and you can read the artist’s description of the painting here. The artist is Shari Leohone Magno, an organist colleague at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu.

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  1. Dr. James Hurd says:

    Hi Kathy,
    As I recall, you and I were at USC in organ at the same time (1970’s); I was studying with Irene Robertson. My last time to see you was at the AGO regional which took place in Hawaii some years back. I just happened to find this site due to the fact I was looking up the artist Shari Leohone Magno who was also present at that meeting. She gave me a number of greeting cards which featured her works so I was surprised to see you were also familiar with her works. It is good to see you are still actively involved with the organ. Currently, I am organist for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and professor of music at El Camino College. I hope all is well.

    James Hurd

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