Lessons and Carols from Kings College

LCH's Christmas ad, 2010

LCH's Christmas ad, 2010

It’s Christmas Eve! and in the Crosier household we have a tradition of eating breakfast and listening to the annual broadcast of the Lessons and Carols service from Kings College. The local broadcast is on Hawaii Public Radio, KHPR 88.1 FM and will air at 8:30 am. For more than twenty years now, the LCH Choir has sponsored this broadcast as their holiday gift to the community.

Twice Carl and I have been fortunate enough to actually be at Kings College for this tradition. You don’t need to have tickets, just patience to stand “in the queue” for about six hours. Some people actually start standing in line a couple of days before, but we found that you have a good probability of getting in and getting a good seat if you are in line by 8:15 am. The first year we did this, it was 27F which was mighty cold for us who live in balmy Honolulu. The sound of the choir, with those vaulted ceilings, is absolutely magical, though, and the broadcast doesn’t really capture the acoustical ambiance.

Today the marathon begins, and we have SIX services between this afternoon and Sunday night. We still have to produce two more worship booklets/bulletins today, but luckily I found another copyshop which will be open.

I guess that in addition to eating breakfast during the broadcast, we’ll be typing!

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