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Georgine Stark wowed everyone with Bach Cantata 51

Georgine Stark wowed everyone with Bach Cantata 51 and Handel's Gloria.

Whew! It was a busy week, with orchestra rehearsals on Thursday and Friday, and concerts on Saturday and Sunday. I’m referring to the wildly successful “The Starks Go for Baroque” concerts, which unfortunately I missed because I was on the mainland.

“I don’t know how he did it,” exclaimed Carl on Darel’s performance. Not only did Darel play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons from memory, he also conducted the orchestra. “You’ve really got to know the score inside and out,” Carl continued. Here’s what one concert-goer wrote to him: “What a fantastic concert this afternoon!  Thank you for putting it together. Great playing. What a wonderful time we had!”

Incredible playing by Darel Stark, violinist.

Incredible playing by Darel Stark, violinist, and the Bach Chamber Orchestra.

As I understand it, there was a standing ovation for the Stark Duo, and on Sunday, Georgine even got a standing ovation at the first half.

So many people came to the Saturday night performance, that Carl had to make more programs for Sunday’s concert, which turned out to be equally full. And he said that because the ticket line stretched out to the parking lot, they engaged a third person at the ticket table.

We had all the top players from the Honolulu Symphony, including Ignace Jang, concertmaster, violinists Maile Reeves, Kathy Hafner, Elaine Lu; violist Anna Womack; cellist Karen Fujimoto; Ken Hafner, trumpet; Marsha Schweitzer, bassoon; John Renke, continuo organ; and Carl Crosier, harpsichord.

Thank you, everyone, for coming to the concerts!

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