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Bach Vespers, Feb. 20, 7:30 pm

Bach Vespers, Feb. 20, 7:30 pm

I would like to conjecture that if one typed in “Bach” and “Honolulu” that a search engine would direct you to the Lutheran Church of Honolulu website. (In fact, it does!) Over the years, Carl estimates that we have performed over 70 Bach cantatas with orchestra — but that’s just during his tenure, and that’s in addition to the St. Matthew Passion, the St. John Passion, the Christmas Oratorio, Magnificat and the Bach motets! And the B-Minor Mass is coming up, May 13-14.

In fact, there has been a long history of performing the works of Bach at LCH beginning with music director, Erich Kahl, who was imported from Germany in 1906. In the music library we found not only Bach cantata scores but also programs for Bach’s St. John’s Passion, which happened in the 60s.

I just finished working on my next postcard, which promotes the upcoming Bach Vespers on Sunday, February 20th at 7:30 pm. We’ll be performing Cantata 111, Was mein Gott will, das g’scheh allzeit, written for the Third Sunday after Epiphany. It’s based on a tune still popular today and opens with an energetic chorale fantasia. The heart of the cantata is a duet for alto and tenor.

The service will also feature Dietrich Buxtehude’s “Magnificat in D major,” scored for 5 part strings, 5 vocal soloists and 5-part choir. I will be playing Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in B minor as the bookends to the service.

Mark your calendars now!

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