Called to ministry . . . out of the choir

The Rev. Diane Rose Amidon, St. Philip Lutheran Church, Raleigh, NC

The Rev. Diane Rose Amidon, Raleigh, NC

Over the years, a number of LCH choristers have been called to ministry. I think specifically about soprano Diane Rose (who was in fact a classmate of mine at the University of Southern California in music) and tenor David Amidon

The Rev. David Amidon

The Rev. David Amidon, Raleigh, NC

who attended the University of Hawaii. They met in the LCH choir, were married the same year we did (1977), and now serve St. Philip’s Lutheran Church in Raleigh, NC as co-pastors.

The Rev. Caroline Bail, Wiliamsport, MA

The Rev. Caroline Bail, Wiliamsport, MA

Another person was alto Carrie Bail, who came to LCH when she asked, “Where’s the best place to sing in Honolulu?” It’s ironic, then, that although she came “just to sing,” she got involved in the missions committee and created an African dinner where she met Darius Jonathan from Sudan. Carrie began experiencing a call to ministry which Pastor Don Johnson encouraged, and suggested that she take courses at Graduate Theological Union.  Carrie sang in the choir until going to seminary, and then returned for ordination, for which the LCH choir sang. Carrie has been the pastor of First Congregational Church UCC, Williamstown, MA since August, 2000.

I played for Carrie and Darius' wedding at LCH 24 years ago!

I played for Carrie and Darius' wedding at LCH 24 years ago!

Carrie and Darius’ twins, Orelia and Geneva, are about to graduate from Northfield Mt Hermon School, where they’ve done well academically and athletically. They were recruited by the track coach at Wesleyan where they will go next September.

I just read on Carrie’s FaceBook page that she and Darius are soon to be grandparents! Their son Jonah just graduated with a Bachelor of Music in jazz performance from William Patterson University, and he and his fiancée, Victoria Holmberg, are having a baby boy around mid-March.

Well, that makes me feel a little old, as I played for Carrie and Darius’ wedding at LCH on August 17, 1986. The LCH Choir also sang that day.

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