The only constant is change

From almost the beginning of Carl Crosier’s tenure at LCH, he included the names of the choristers in the special services bulletins. And what you notice, of course, is that the roster always changes and transitions. I guess that when you live in a place like Hawaii, you see a lot of people come and go. It seems that we are always saying ‘aloha’ to people that have become very dear to us.

Carl met up with ECarl met Eric and Linden Doescher in Washington, DC.ric and Linden Doescher in Washington, DC.

Carl met up with Eric and Linden Doescher in Washington, DC. They now live in Asheville, NC.

Last week, Carl was in Washington, DC for a business trip, He spent the weekend with Eric and Linden Doescher who drove up from Asheville, NC. Eric sang in the LCH bass section for a number of years, and he and Linden were our “right hand guys” in so many ways. For years and years, they collated, folded and stapled all the special bulletins — Vespers programs, Advent, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, concerts, etc. I can’t begin to tell you how much Eric and Linden did for not only the LCH Music Department, but for us personally. Eric and Linden always picked up my family from the airport on their visits, because they almost always arrived during our choir rehearsals! Eric, Linden and Carl all had dinner with former LCH parishioners Tony and Margrethe Kleiber, who now live in Alexandria, VA.

Carl visited with Cheri Johnson and Sarah Markovits.

Carl visited with Cheri Johnson and Sarah Markovits.

Carl also had a chance to visit with Sarah Markovits and Cheri Johnson who moved from Hawaii in 2007 to Seattle, and now live in Washington, DC. Sarah sang many soprano solos at LCH and Cheri sang in the second soprano section. Sarah, in fact, will be coming back to Hawaii to sing the soprano II solos in our Bach Mass in B-Minor.

Carl is sorry that he didn’t get to make contact with other former LCH choristers  who live in the DC area including Joe  and Lyn Dellinger (Joe sang in the Compline Choir), Dick and Claire Griffin (Dick sang bass) and Rich and Linda Johnson (tenor and alto). Carl did have dinner with my sister, Doris Au MacDonald and her family — Doris and her singing partner, Sharon Dennis, wrote the “Alleluia” mass setting used at the 8 am service.

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