The B-Minor Mass isn’t sightreadable!

So proclaimed Carl Crosier yesterday, in reminding choristers about the next Mass in B Minor rehearsal which is tomorrow night (March 8 at 7:00 pm). Some people have already found that the “tessitura” (vocal range) of the work is very high and have asked to be put in a lower voice part. “Everyone will be in GREAT vocal shape at the end of all this,”  Carl promised.

Here’s the rehearsal schedule so far (Updated 3/9/2011):

Updated Bach Choral Rehearsal Schedule

Updated Bach Choral Rehearsal Schedule

March 22 and 29 are blank, because the rehearsal order will depend on how much gets done on March 8 and 15. If you miss a rehearsal, you are asked to check with other singers in your section for the markings.

The Bach B-Minor postcards arrive on Wednesday!


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  1. We have just had our first rehearsal for the upcoming performance of B Minor Mass on Good Friday in Leeds Minster. I have to agree it is not easy music, we started off with the Confetior from the Creed. Our director of music Simon Lindley proclaimed it was the hardest of all the movements. We have a couple more rehearsals before the performance. It is a piece we do quite regularly but we do have a lot of new students so it could be an uphill struggle.

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