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The final choral rehearsal before our Easter break.

The final choral rehearsal before our Easter break.

We bought a new computer last week — but for anyone who has gone through this “process,” you know that we’re in a period of transition. It’s a little like moving — first of all there’s all the sorting — determining what you don’t need anymore. Then there’s the packing into boxes, then the actual moving, then finally the unpacking. My 3-year-old computer was COMPLETELY max-ed out (mostly with files for LCH!), and I thought when I bought it at the time (with a 250 GB hard drive), that it would last me awhile. I guess one option would have been to just buy an external drive, but with all the troubles I’ve had in the past with external drives, it was just easier to get a new machine. Let’s see how long it will take me to fill up 2 terabytes!

Unfortunately, the story of my life is that I’m always in too much of a hurry. I’ve discovered that in the transition I lost files I really needed to keep — some of them for our Bach B-Minor project! So now I’m in the handwringing stage — and recreating files I accidentally threw away by mistake. (Oh, dear!)

The big push is on and so here’s an update:

The Bach B Minor postcard has hit Honolulu.

The Bach B Minor postcard has hit Honolulu.

1. The Bach postcard was mailed last week and local residents received them in their mailboxes on Friday. Ticket orders are starting to come in, and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, I urge you to either call the church office at 941-2566 or go online to reserve. Preferred seating is filling up fast, so if you want to sit in a prime location with a padded seat, instead of a wooden pew in general seating, book your tickets today. By the way, additional parking will be available on the Lower Field at Punahou School. Please note that the parking lot directly behind the church will be reserved for handicapped concertgoers.

2. Last night was our final choral rehearsal before our Holy Week and Easter hiatus. We went from the beginning Kyrie through to the ending Dona Nobis Pacem. Carl was finally able to work on polishing the musical details instead of having Grant Mack pound out notes on the piano. Hope everyone doesn’t forget everything when we resume rehearsals after Easter!

3. The call for volunteers has gone out, and those who are able to help with the Will Call table, ushering, parking, cookie baking, refreshment serving, cleanup, etc. are asked to contact Carol Langner who will put you to work! Or, post a comment to my FaceBook page, and I’ll forward your message.

4. Like other arts events, ticket sales will not cover the entire cost of putting on a concert of this magnitude, and we forecast a shortfall of approximately $30,000 even with full houses. Letters asking for financial assistance have gone out to potential donors to join the Bach Crest circle — gifts of $1,000 or more which includes a pair of preferred seats, recognition in the program book and an invitation to a private artists reception. If you know someone whom you would like to invite to become a part of this, please contact us.

4. This week, Hawaii Public Radio started its semi-annual pledge drive, and both Carl Crosier and Ian Capps will be on the air to give away a pair of tickets and promote the Bach B-Minor Mass.

5. Ads for the program booklet are being solicited, and if you would like to offer your congratulations to the LCH Choir and to Carl Crosier for his 38 years of service, Download and print the Ad Rate Sheet here. The deadline is coming up fast.

6. Do you remember the movie, The Blues Brothers, and how they plastered the town with posters for a benefit concert? We should do the same! If you have a place to put it, download a tabloid-size poster here and if you don’t have large paper, click here for a lettersize poster.

Let’s spread the word!

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