LCH and Public Radio

Gene Schiller of Hawaii Public Radio

Gene Schiller of Hawaii Public Radio

Tomorrow, April 12th at 10:00 am, host Gene Schiller will have two guests in the studio: Ian Capps, host of Hawaii Public Radio’s The Early Muse, and Carl Crosier, cantor of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, during HPR’s semi-annual fund drive. You’ll hear Carl and Ian pitching LCH’s upcoming performance of Bach’s Mass in B Minor, and they will be giving away a pair of tickets to either concert in exchange for a donation to Hawaii Public Radio.

Ian Capps, The Early Muse, Hawaii Public Radio

Ian Capps, The Early Muse, Hawaii Public Radio

Over the years, there has been a close community partnership between LCH and public radio. I know that a good many of our parishioners are not only regular listeners, but also financial supporters of our local station. Josie Bidgood and Frank Haas, who are on the LCH Concert Committee, have both served on the board of KHPR. Just last Saturday night, we had a group from LCH on  the other end of the ringing telephones for pledge breaks during Prairie Home Companion. In fact, every six months we send a bunch of folks down to the station to volunteer to answer phones, as well as to feast on green jello and tuna casserole! As I understand it, last Saturday night there were lots of pitches not only for public radio, but for LCH’s B-Minor Mass as well!

We also have to thank Gene Schiller, music director at Hawaii Public Radio, for many years of support, particularly in publicizing LCH’s musical events. He is always very willing to interview visiting guest artists for our concert series. It seems that every time we’ve had a radio interview with Gene, there is immediate feedback in the church office, with phones ringing off the hook!

And I can’t remember how many years it’s been — at least 25 or more — that the Choir of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu has sponsored the yearly broadcast of Kings College’s Lessons and Carols service on Christmas Eve.

So, tomorrow, don’t forget to tune in to 88.1 FM at 10 o’clock! And support public radio!

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