Bach hunted Easter eggs!

“With 20 kids in the family, how could Bach have escaped a yearly Easter Egg Hunt? All the while singing ‘Christus ist auferstanden.’  The joy of the Resurrection will be very evident in the glorious music of the B-Minor Mass. Two performances, May 13 and 14, provide a major opportunity for outreach to music lovers in Honolulu. LCH has a special reputation in the community offering superb performances of profoundly spiritual works, combined with a gracious welcome for our guests.”

So read an announcement in the Lutheran Church of Honolulu’s bulletin on Easter Sunday, asking for volunteers to help move pews, direct people to parking, bake cookies, sit at the ticket table, usher etc. Speaking of cookies, we have vowed to only serve home-baked ones! The reputation of LCH is not only of the music, but the wonderful food, too!

If you can help with any of the many tasks involved in mounting this major production (including baking cookies—but no Easter eggs!) please contact our Hospitality Coordinator, Carol Langner as soon as possible.

By the way, in Pastor Jeff Lilley’s conversation with the children at the Easter service, he asked them: “What’s inside an Easter egg?” and one of the kids answered: “CANDY!”

Ah yes, Easter eggs nowadays are plastic with chocolate candy inside!


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