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The final choral rehearsal was accompanied by organ (Kathy Crosier) and harpsichord (John Renke).

The final choral rehearsal was accompanied by organ (Kathy Crosier) and harpsichord (John Renke).

Our historic performances of Bach’s Mass in B Minor are only a week away, and I thought I’d give you some instructions and explain our personalized system of ticketing. First of all, I would like to encourage everyone to arrive early so that you’re not looking for parking at the last moment. We are asking all able-bodied persons to park on the Lower Field of Punahou School, across the street. Parking will also be available in our Poki Street lot located at 1819 Poki Street. The lot directly behind the church will be reserved for handicapped visitors. Street parking may be non-existent, as we understand neighboring St. Clement’s Church is having a big function both nights. I would suggest that you plan to arrive between 6:45 and 7:00 pm.

Next, we will have several ticket lines in the courtyard, arranged alphabetically by last name. If you purchased your tickets online or from the church office, bring your receipt with you. But if you forget your receipt, that’s OK, because we have your name on file. You will be given a program book with your name on it and to it will be affixed a sticker denoting which section you are sitting in. Ushers will help you find your seats, which have been assigned in the order in which they were purchased.

As of today (5/7/11), there are still Preferred Seating ($35) and General Admission ($25) tickets available. What’s the difference? Preferred Seating will be up front on padded folding chairs. General Admission seats will be in the back, on the regular, wooden church pews. But really, our building is not that big, so every seat is a good one.

We had our final choral rehearsal today and worked on the big, fast choruses such as “Pleni sunt coeli,” “Osanna,” “Credo in  unum Deum,” “Patrem omnipotentam,” “Et resurrexit,”  “Et expecto resurrectionem,” and “Cum sancto spiritum.”

The choir is really singing in a light, Baroque style and is keeping up with Carl’s brisk tempos. Hope he doesn’t drink any coffee the night of the concerts! I think we are finally ready for the orchestra rehearsal on Monday!

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