Bach Program Book

The Bach Chorus.

The Bach Chorus.

It’s been said that you never find mistakes in your work until 1000 copies are printed. That adage was certainly true of the program booklet I designed for the Bach Mass in B Minor. No matter how many times Carl and I looked at it, we didn’t catch the mistakes until after the books were delivered.

The choir and orchestra take their bows.

Carl, the choir and orchestra take their bows.

I’m told that as of this morning, we only have a few tickets left to sell for tonight’s performance, so for the benefit of those who can’t make it, you can view a PDF version of the book here. Yes, I made the corrections (and additions to the donor list) so I can safely put it “out there.”

I’m also taking this opportunity to post more photos of last night’s amazing concert. My brother, Rick, took 557 photos last night! Meanwhile, Carl has taken soloists David Newman and Meg Bragle on an around-the-island tour today since this is Meg’s first trip to Hawaii. Hope our tour guide has enough energy for tonight’s performance!

A standing ovation for Bach.

A standing ovation for Bach.


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  1. Robert Zimmer says:

    Thank you so much for all of the blogs to update progress of the concert. It created a mental activity for me that said, Music, Wonderful Great Music.

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