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We are continuing to receive notes of thanks and accolades for our two performances of Bach’s Mass in B Minor last weekend. And I must admit I still have some of those choruses running through my head! I believe that phenomenon is called an “earworm.” It’s when a melody gets stuck in your brain, replays over and over again, and you can’t get rid of it! Here’s an article you can read about this musical parasite! Well, I guess if it’s Bach that gets stuck in your head, that’s a good thing.

Claire Butin, flute

Claire Butin, flute

Here are some more comments which we received after the concert:

Oh my, Carl— you can’t retire! . . . it was glorious. I thought I would split wide open during and after Meg Bragle sang — just watching her was quite enough to bowl one over!    And the bass. … and Georgine….and THE CHOIR!   It was so good to see so many returnees in the orchestra, and they played as if they haven’t had this hiatus.   And you were superb!   What a glorious night!   Thank you!   I really think you can’t retire! (M.R.)

The B Minor was beautiful. You should be very proud. (J.L.)

After all of the other great compositions that Carl has conducted, this is such an historic ending. (R.Z.)

Thanks for a fantastic evening.  You and your singers and musicians were over the top.  We enjoyed everything about your performance. (R.O.)

Congratulations on such phenomenal performances! Thank you so much for sharing the event via this blog with those of us who could not be there! (K.O.)

Another standing ovation.

Another standing ovation.

Mahalo to Carl and Kathy Crosier. The congregation and staff of LCH offer their sincere mahalo to Carl, Kathy, the choir, volunteers, and donors for their wonderful presentation of Bach’s B-Minor Mass this weekend. The experience was truly breathtaking and inspirational. (Pastor Jeff Lilley)

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