Digging out from under

So many notes, just in this season!

So many notes, just in this season!

Thirty-two years ago, Carl and I moved from an apartment to a townhouse and elicited the help of friends to help us move. In exchange for their assistance in moving boxes and furniture, I think we took everybody out for pizza or something like that. I think I overheard someone say, “I’ll never help musicians move ever again!” or something like that. I guess you could call us pack rats, because I think we have saved SO MUCH musical memorabilia such as multiple copies of concert programs and flyers not only those in which we played ourselves, but every single concert we have ever attended; Sunday bulletins, tons of recordings (cassette tapes, LPs, CDs, etc.) and of course, lots of music. Now — that was 32 years ago. Think of all the programs and music we have accumulated in the ensuing years! It’s mind-boggling. (By the way, I have moved my entire collection of organ music to the LCH library where it will be available for future organists.)

As Carl has been clearing out his office at LCH, he has worked on compiling a Complete List of Instrumental Works that have been performed during his tenure. He already compiled a list of the major choral works — we have merged the two lists together for the commemorative T-shirt. By the way, this Sunday, June 12th, is the last day to turn in T-shirt order forms and checks. You can download the T-shirt order form here.

And yet, there are programs which cannot be located. Carl says, “I know we did such-and-such piece on such-and-such concert, but I can’t find the program!” In case anyone “out there” has saved any of our concert programs, we are looking specifically for concert programs in the 1980s, when concerts at LCH were done under the sponsorship of Ensemble Players Guild. If any of you have programs from this period, please contact me so we can make a copy for our archives.

Those of you who know me know that I’m always working on one project or another, and right now, I am making a photo memory book (similar to what I did for the Monteverdi concerts) of this entire, insane year. I will let you know when I finish it so you can view it online or order a copy for yourself if you want.

Derek Chester was one of the three tenors for Monteverdi.

Derek Chester was one of the three tenors for Monteverdi.

On Sunday we leave for the Boston Early Music Festival, and I’ll be blogging along the way. I just found out Derek Chester (remember him from our Monteverdi concerts) will be performing there as will Meg Bragle, the alto from our B-Minor Mass.

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  1. Robert Zimmer says:

    Just happy you keep finding things to blog about. Enjoy them. Thank you.

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