Mix and Match

The table for Carl's retirement dinner, which he cooked himself (with help).

The table for Carl's retirement dinner, which he cooked himself (with help).

The menu for Carl's retirement dinner

The menu for Carl's retirement dinner

Pastor Fritz Fritschel wrote this poem about Carl Crosier’s love of music and food:

We all know of the cantor’s gastronomic prowess—
What we remain uncertain about is how is
He going to leave behind the churchly pattern
Of liturgy, incense, chanting, chalice and paten
To devote himself to the diurnal duties that now is
Confronting him with austere reality of unscheduled time?
Only a few of us know how the issue is to be resolved
As insiders, intentions pure, we are bound to be absolved
When we announce the embryonic scheme
That will surely complete the ecclesiastic’s dream.
Mix and match — food and sound;
That’s it! Mix and match,
Melons and melody;
Cantaloupes and cantatas,
Feasts and fugues,
Messes and masses.
Many recipes are already in the maestro’s mind,
Tho’ in no recipe book are they yet to find.
For example, Pasta a la Giovanni Pierluigi da Pastrami
Served at a ristorante as a first
Along with the popular peasant’s fare, a Bach-wurst.
Lovers of good food, wherever you are
Will want to visit the Bar-a-oque bar
Where he will serve the tender Brand-a-burger
With certainty [con-certo].
Bar-a-oque, also known as a fast food establishment
Will supply you with Ein Fastuh Burger,
With piped in accordion favorites.
Not to forget the drinks—
The house drink is Luteriana Martini
A martini, vermutet, vermint, vermeidet, vermengt,
vermesst, vermischt, vermittelt,
With the slightest hint of vermouth.
Now we fill our glasses from the common bowl
And give a mighty shout of “Zum Wohl!
Zum Wohl! Zum Wohl!” 

Congratulations on your LCH retirement! (Fritz Fritschel, August 21, 2011)

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In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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  1. Maria C Au Hoy says:

    Fritz, that indeed is a palatable poem! Cheers!!!

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