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Bach B-minor Mass

Musicians for the Bach B-minor Mass

One of the biggest surprises to Carl from last Sunday’s presentations was a card and lei from the Bach Chamber Orchestra personnel. Inside were many emails and messages from not only the musicians who played for Carl’s last service (Darel Stark, Judy Barrett, Kathy Hafner, Elaine Lu, Anna Womack, Mark Butin, Karen Fujimoto, John Gallagher, Marsha Schweitzer, Ken Hafner, Russell Ishida, and Steve Dinion) but also from those who once played here and have moved away, namely Mark and Amanda Schubert, Karen Bechtel, Emma Philips Votapek, Gregory and Janet Dubay, and Cynthia and Tod Bowermaster. Seeing and reading these messages brought back many happy memories.

Here’s a sampling of some of these sentiments:

You are in our thoughts on this momentous occasion celebrating your 38 years serving LCH and the people of Oahu with your vision, voice, labor and love. We join you in spirit. You are a pillar in the Honolulu musical community and we are grateful and honored to have shared so much beautiful and heartfelt music making with you and Kathy over the years. Getting to know you has added a depth and richness to our lives. We raise a congratulatory martini glass to you!

Darel Stark, Iggy Jang and Emma Philips play in the Vivaldi 3-Violin Concerto

Darel Stark, Iggy Jang and Emma Philips play in the Vivaldi 3-Violin Concerto

Congratulations on your retirement! Making music at your church was a highlight of my time in Hawaii, as I know it has been for so many other musicians. Every time I revisit a Bach cantata, I am glad that it was introduced to me by you. The entire music community is wishing you well as you embark on new adventures.

Thank you to Carl for encouraging my exploration into playing Baroque cello. I love the sensation of stepping into a time zone of long ago, and playing in a way that Bach might approve of. Thanks, Carl!

Congratulations on your retirement! Your devotion to music has made the world a better place. We cherish the many performances we played with you, and wish we were there to help you celebrate.

We are so grateful for all the wonderful music that you have presented at LCH and beyond. We feel so fortunate to have been there to experience at least some of the magic you created over the years. Playing the Brahms Horn Trio with you was an absolute delight, an experience we will never forget. We also appreciate the incredible hospitality you have shown us when we’ve come back to visit — you are such a special and generous person, and we wish you all the best as you head into this next phase of your life’s adventure!

It has been an honor to make music with you over these past years. Your dedication and dedication to excellence have been very inspiring to me. Your spirit will always be with us as we make music.

Scott Janusch and Nancy Shoop-Wu

Scott Janusch and Nancy Shoop-Wu

Thank you so much for letting me be part of the LCH musical experience. I have always looked forward to playing at LCH, not only because of the great people and high standard of music making, but also because I got to experience some really wonderful composers and pieces of music that I never would have known without your introducing us to them. (By the way, I think that the entire Bach family should have you over for Christmas every year in gratitude!) The people of Honolulu have been so lucky to be enriched by your leadership in the music community.

I’m not sure when I started playing concerts under your direction at LCH, but they’ve always been a joy for me to play. How remarkable that you have managed to program concerts and events over the years with such consistent care, thoughtfulness and professionalism without losing your sanity or love for the art along the way. What a legacy you’ve created!

Thank you for all your years of service to this church and this community, for the way you honor and respect both the music you’ve presented and all of us as musicians. Most of all, thank you for making LCH a home for great liturgical and religious-inspired music for these many years. It’s hard to imagine LCH without you!

If it weren’t for your passion for and commitment to Bach’s cantatas and similar works, we would have never have the wonderful chance to perform and enjoy the glorious of these pieces. This has been a special part of my musical life in Hawaii.

My relationship with you, the Bach Chamber Orchestra, and LCH has been one of the most fruitful of my entire musical life. Thank you.

Carl conducts his last service

Carl conducts his last service

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