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Last week when we started putting the program together for our upcoming Mozart Konzert (October 1, 7:30 pm; October 2, 4:00 pm) Miguel Felipe suggested that we try something new, and that is to have the performers directly speak to the audience. He would like to personally welcome people to LCH, the Abendmusiken Series, and then offer an overview of the program and Mozart himself. Thereafter each piece will be introduced by the performer.

This method will accomplish the following:

  • helps audience feel a more personal connection to the performance;
  • helps reduce ‘stuffiness’;
  • lets musical commentary communicate more directly;
  • welcomes those not necessarily steeped in all the same terminology we take for granted;
  • and, of course, saves paper!

Further, he suggests that we:

  • keep language appropriate for the average concert-goer;
  • minimize analytical focus;
  • possibly offer a guide to “what to listen for”;
  • possibly offer a personal anecdote or composer anecdote about the piece;
  • if especially pertinent, play a short excerpt
  • keep comments limited to about 4 minutes, and
  • attempt to communicate why the upcoming piece is so special and worthy of performance.
Miguel rehearses the LCH  choir. They'll be singing "Venite Populi."

Miguel rehearses the LCH choir. They'll be singing "Venite Populi."

Miguel writes: I know this may be a significant change from what’s been in the past, but I think this can become an important manifestation of the goal to make music vital, relevant, and accessible without pandering to our audience. If audiences love the printed program notes, we can offer them on the website along with a limited number of printed copies for those who don’t have web access. Ultimately,  I hope we can use this as a way to carry on with the highest level of repertoire but in way that welcomes more, newer, younger, and curious but less educated audiences.

Well said, Dr. Felipe!

Avoid the rush — book online today at When you arrive at the church, present your receipt at the reception table which will be exchanged for a program and becomes your “ticket.” Another way of “going green!”

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