Fortepiano hits the mainstream

Carl Crosier at fortepiano

Carl Crosier at fortepiano

This morning when we opened the Star Advertiser paper, we eagerly looked for Steven Mark’s article about the fortepiano — and were not disappointed.  Click the link here to read the story.

As usual, Mark’s article was filled with many quotes from Carl — all 100% accurate. “It’s time to debut the fortepiano,” Crosier said. “I have had it since 2006, but it’s never been heard by Honolulu audiences.” That’s true — it’s been situated in our bedroom all these years. No, Carl has never serenaded me to sleep with it, in case you’re wondering.

Carl ends by saying “Mozart is a great composer.” There’s not one extra note that doesn’t need to be there. . . It’s just absolute perfection. ” Remember the movie about Mozart called Amadeus? There’s a scene with Mozart and the Emperor Joseph II who commissioned the creation of The Abduction from the Seraglio, but when he heard it, complained “There are too many notes!” I think Mark’s writing is like Mozart’s compositions — there’s not one extra word that doesn’t need to be there.

The article also has a little sample of Carl playing the fortepiano and explaining the difference between that and a modern piano.

Also don’t forget to tune in this morning to Hawaii Public Radio, 88.1 FM, to hear Miguel Felipe and Darel Stark interviewed by Gene Schiller at about 9 am. If you are not within broadcasting range, the content will be available by streaming audio. Look at the top right hand corner of the page, where it says “Listen Now,” and click “KHPR.” It’s just a click away!

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