Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer.

Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer.

When I opened my email this afternoon, there was more than a lump in my throat as I read this breaking news alert: “Apple says company co-founder Steve Jobs has died.” Oh, everyone knew that he had recently resigned from the company due to poor health, but I was absolutely shocked to read of his demise. ” Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs, one of the giants of the technology world and a true American hero—has died. Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, was known for making the computer as fun as it is useful. He ignited the digital music industry, changed the way animated films are made, and revolutionized telecommunications.

We bought our first Macintosh computer in 1986 — for the express purpose of learning how to use it for music notation — and it changed our lives in so many ways. Since then we probably have owned at least 20 Macintosh computers — Carl said that all I did was keep Apple Computer in business! I dare say that the LCH music program would not be what it is today had we not been able to take advantage of our Macintosh computers. Not only did we use the Mac for music notation, we learned desktop publishing (how quaint that term seems now!) to produce all of the LCH service leaflets, concert programs, music brochures, flyers, and even postcards for the past 25 years. And of course, we used it for all our correspondence, choir rosters, photo libraries, and email communication — in short, EVERYTHING!

I remember my father telling me how he had purchased Apple Computer stock when it was $15 a share, because he was aware of their role in placing computers in schools, and how important it would become some day. Little did he know that Apple, Inc. would become one of the biggest companies in history. We, like so many other people we know, own multiple Apple computers, have iPhones, iPads, and use Apple computers not only at home but at work, too. LCH is full of Mac users, like Pastor Jeff Lilley, Miguel Felipe, and the church office.

We all owe Steve Jobs a tremendous debt of gratitude.


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