Three stages of development

Every day I pass Hawaiian Rent All on Beretania Street, a company which has pithy sayings on its marquee. This month the sign lists the three stages of a man’s life:

1. He believes in Santa Claus.
2. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.
3. He is Santa Claus!

I could say that there are three stages of being a church musician —

1. You sing Christmas music.
2. You direct the choir and/or play the organ for a choir that makes it Christmas for other people.
3. You listen to other people do all the work to make it Christmas.

This year Carl Crosier and I are definitely in Stage 3, and we have researched what the options are for fine church music in the Los Angeles area. It will be so nice to hear other people’s work for a change.

There were only two other years that we got to enjoy Christmas, and that was in 1992 and 1999 when Carl was on sabbatical. We spent Christmas Eve hearing the Lessons and Carols service at Kings College, Cambridge.

I just came back from my last choral rehearsal for the year before I get on the plane tomorrow. Yay! I’m home free!

And by the way, the concrete was poured for the new parking lot and it will be ready for Christmas Eve!

About Katherine Crosier

In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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One Response to Three stages of development

  1. Erik Floan says:

    I managed to go from Step 2 back to Step 1 this Christmas. And happy for it.

    Enjoy CA.

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