Arrival in Leipzig


We are here! After an 8 hour flight to Chicago, a 6 hour layover, an 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, and a 4 hour train ride to Leipzig, we are settled into our hotel. We are feeling human again thanks to a hot shower, good night’s sleep and a hearty German breakfast.

This morning we walked around the old town and saw some Bach displays in stores. I remember when we were here before there were many more, as well as street musicians. We did see a marimba player who played Bach’s “Air on a G String” and the “Toccata and Fugue in D minor.”

We stopped at the Thomaskirche where we saw Masaaki Suzuki and took in a few minutes of the Bach Collegium Japan’s rehearsal of the opening chorus of the St. Matthew Passion. I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to be in Bach’s church and to hear this glorious music in these soaring acoustics! I am really looking forward to hearing the complete concert tonight.


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In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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