Unusual musical instruments

Today was overcast, cold and windy, and what better way to spend the time but indoors in a musical instrument museum? On the bus yesterday, the historian who gave us the commentary about the town of Freiberg and Gottfried Silbermann was in fact on the staff of the music instrument museum here in Leipzig. Carl remembered going to the museum when we were in Leipzig in 1996, but it apparently was in a different location.

I took a lot of pictures in here and would like to share some of my favorites. I immediately thought of Allen Bauchle when I saw this unusual trumpet which looks like a bunch of organ pipes tied together.


I also liked the petite violins which were nothing more than glorified sticks with strings attached. These violins were actually quite loud despite their small size. There was even one with a fan attached.


Of course there was the harp playable by a keyboard.


Look at this beauty.


And this instrument was probably the most unusual. I can’t even figure out what it is or how you play it!


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