Bamberger Dom


We left Leipzig about 9 am with our friends, Hans-Ulrich Erslöh and his wife, Christiane, with whom we will spend the next two days. You may remember that Hans was the apprentice to Rudolf von Beckerath when the LCH organ was installed in 1975, and Hans has come back to Hawaii many times ever since.

While en route to Irschenhausen, the ancestral Erbslöh family home which is 20 km south of Munich, we stopped in Bamberger. The 1000 year old Dom here is famous for its four spires, two each on opposite ends, which means there are two altars on opposite sides of the building. They have a unique system of pews in which the seats can be slid in either direction, depending on which way you want to face.


We did not hear the organ, which was built by Rieger and has 72 stops.


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  1. George Griffith says:

    Kathy and Carl,
    What a lovely story.
    Happy Anniversary!
    George Griffith

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