Peter Klatzow’s “Magnificat”

Peter Klatzow’s Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis sung by the Commotio Choir, Oxford, directed by Matthew Berry

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m going to be working on Peter Klatzow’s “Magnificat,” which will be performed at the 38th Advent Procession on December 2nd. Carl Crosier is in Seattle to celebrate Peter Hallock’s 88th birthday so there are no excuses for me not to spend every free moment learning this piece. I probably should be practicing at this very moment instead of writing this blog!

South African composer, Peter Klatzow

The name Peter Klatzow (b. 1945) is new to me. He is a native of South Africa and is presently Professor of Composition at the University of Cape Town. According to his website, he is “one of the few South African composers to achieve international recognition,” and has won prizes in Spain, Toronto, and Stroud. He has composed music for a wide range of instruments, including a full-length ballet on Hamlet, and concertos for piano, clarinet, organ, marimba, and a double concerto for flute and marimba.

It’s not just the notes which are difficult and come fast and furious in the organ accompaniment to Klatzow’s “Magnificat,” it’s also the awkward page turns which make this a very challenging piece. Luckily I found an excellent performance of this on YouTube which I embedded above.

Bye! gotta go practice!


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