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The promotional postcard I designed for ALCM Region 4.

The promotional postcard I designed for ALCM Region 4.

This past summer you may recall that we were in Thousand Oaks, CA for the Region 4 conference of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. The Winter 2012 newsletter was just released containing my review/blow-by-blow of the conference events. (Had I realized at the time that I was going to have to “review” the conference, I would have taken better notes!) You’ll also find numerous pictures of myself as well as that of my sister, Doris Au MacDonald of the Braeded Chord, and even a picture of Carl Crosier, who served as cantor to an Evening Prayer service. Click here to view the newsletter.

You may also find fascinating the letter from Pastor Mark Whitfield at the end of the newsletter. From the Editor’s note:

Pastor Mark Whitfield was elected the President of the Lutheran Church of NZ in June 2011 and installed in February 2012. Prior to becoming president, Mark served as both pastor and cantor at St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Mt Cook, Wellington. For the many Bach Cantata Vespers held at St. Pauls he would be listed as presiding minister, organist and cantor.  

Talk about a multi-talented person! As presiding minister, organist and cantor he could literally run the show from beginning to end!


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