Do you dream in color?

Laurie Rubin with her memoirs, "Do You Dream in Colors"

Laurie Rubin with her memoirs, “Do You Dream in Color”

On Christmas Eve at the late night service, you may have noticed mezzo-soprano, Laurie Rubin, being led by the other soloists whenever she got up to sing. That is because Laurie has been blind from birth but it hasn’t stopped her from pursuing a musical career. A fascinating article about Laurie recently appeared in The Washington Post which you can see by clicking here, and I would highly recommend you to read it. When asked by a young girl if she dreamed in color, Laurie asked her what she meant by colors, and then concluded she dreams of oceans, trees, mountains and other things as other people do.  It led to the publication of her memoirs, appropriately named “Do You Dream in Color.”

In addition to Kennedy Center, Laurie has also performed at Wigmore Hall (London), Carnegie Hall, the Parcol Auditorium della Musica (Rome), Lincoln Center, the White House, and other venues around the world. She has been praised for her “darkly complex and mysteriously soulful” voice (Los Angeles Times), and her “communicative power” and “compelling artistry” (New York Times). Check out Laurie’s website for more information about her career.

When I read the review of Laurie’s concert in the Los Angeles Times, where the writer talks about her singing “with eyes wide shut,” I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Laurie grew up in Encino, not far from my hometown of Burbank, California.

Laurie last sang at LCH at Carl Crosier’s last service on August 21, 2011, and sang the alto solos in Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass.

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