Ironic switcheroo!

Who knew that on Sunday I took Mark's picture with Nathan Laube? He is on the second right.

On Sunday I took Mark’s picture with Nathan Laube. Mark is on the second right, next to his mom, Corinne Wong, and Sarah Richards (left).

The world yesterday was abuzz with the words spoken at the Vatican: Habemus Papam “We have a pope.” So it is somewhat coincidental that the following announcement was made by the Lutheran Church of Honolulu office:

Organ Recital with Selected Candidate
Wednesday, March 20, 5:45 pm

After much prayer and deliberation over materials from and conversations with a number of candidates from around the world, the Organist Search Committee, with the approval of Church Council, would like to invite you to an organ recital from LCH’s selected candidate, Mr. Mark Wong.

Following the recital, you’re invited to stay for a light soup and salad supper and then join for Holden Evening Prayer mid-week worship. Mr. Wong will join the congregation for dinner and conversation, then lead worship from the piano to give you the opportunity to experience his piano skills. Following worship there will be an informal time of conversation.

Mr. Wong is not new to the community or to LCH. He has led worship from the organ bench for our congregation many times as a supply organist. The Committee feels Mr. Wong would be a great asset to the ministry team. He brings with him many great musical gifts and years of experience that would only broaden and enhance the music ministry of LCH. Please come and share in this time and pray for the process and transition.

Here is a picture of Mark at my 40th birthday party.

Here is a picture of Mark at my 40th birthday party. That was (ahem!) a few years ago!

For over twenty years Mark lived in Honolulu but was the organist at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Kailua — and for twenty-four years the Crosiers lived on the Windward side — and we were involved at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. Basically, every Sunday we passed each other on the Pali Highway!  Mark drove to Kailua from Honolulu and we drove from the Windward side (Kaneohe) to Honolulu. Years ago Mark suggested that we switch positions — and that he play at LCH and I play at St. Christopher’s. A few times I did play some funerals at St. Christopher’s when he wasn’t available, and I substituted there as well. And Mark has been filling in as organist at LCH ever since Christmas Day 2012.

Well, guess who is going to substitute at St. Christopher’s this coming Easter?! Yup, c’est moi! Of course, for the last nine years we have lived in town. So I’ll be the one driving over the Pali and playing the 6:45 am (Yikes!) and 9:30 am Easter Day services in Kailua.


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  1. Anna Blackwell says:

    Hope that doesn’t mean that St Peter’s will lose Corrinne’s lovely alto! Yay Mark! and Yay LCH!

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