Don’t rain on our parade!

From the email invitation

From the email invitation

Today a reminder email was sent to the parishioners of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu about the shindig to celebrate my 35 years as organist — a party on Sunday, April 14th from 12:00 to 2:30 pm. If you look closely, you’ll see that there was a reference to this blog: Another Year of Inanity! (sic) Same difference!

As far as I know, a catered lunch will be served at noon, followed by a program. I don’t know too much about the program except that I was asked if my students could play. Talk about making me have to work at my own party! Indeed, I have scheduled eight kiddos to play, including the biggest one of them all, Pastor Jeff Lilley, who (rumor has it), will even play the pedals!

I’ve also heard that Pastor Fritz Fritschel has also written some new verses to the hymn, “When in our music God is glorified,” (ENGELBERG) which we will all sing at the end. He asked whether I wanted to see the verses ahead of time, or just be surprised. I chose the latter! I understand that wife, Carol Langner, will be setting up a special bulletin board display with some of my follies and foibles over the last 35 years.

The one factor no one has control over, though, is the weather. It doesn’t look promising, as you will see below.

Rain is predicted for Sunday's party!

Rain is predicted for Sunday’s party! But not to worry — tents will be set up in the courtyard.

Our weekend weather doesn't look so good!

Our weekend weather doesn’t look so good!


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  1. david stuart kayner says:

    Kathy, congratulations and appreciation and respect. Sorry I can’t be there. xxx dsk

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