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Meg Bragle sang in our B Minor Mass.

Meg Bragle sang in our B Minor Mass.

Those of you who attended the Mass in B Minor performances at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu in May 2011 (and there were hundreds of you!) surely will not forget the heart-stopping and “time standing still” performance by mezzo-soprano, Meg Bragle and her poignant rendition of the “Agnus Dei.” For many listeners, her performance was the crown jewel in two nights of glorious Bach and what made the concerts so extraordinary.

Well, guess what, we got a very nice note from Meg this week and she was the one who titled her message “Happy memories.” Here’s what she wrote:

I was just recently talking to people (at the Baldwin Wallace Festival) about the B Minor performance we all shared, and I have to tell you again what a special experience that was for me.  I was so moved by people’s reactions and very honored to take part in such a special event.  I carry that performance with me—and wanted to write to thank you both again!

Meg Bragle and family

Meg Bragle and family

I actually had seen Meg’s picture on FaceBook recently so this part of the message was not a total surprise:

I don’t know if you heard that Chris and I had a baby boy in January, Brendan.  He is such a wonder and is keeping us both on our toes.  He is already a world traveler —coming with me on tour with the English Baroque Soloists in March.  It was quite an adventure for both of us.  We are getting ready for another tour, this time mostly in Germany, and I thought of you both.  I’ll be performing the St. John Passion and Ascension and Easter Cantatas at the Bach Festival in Leipzig this June.  What an honor!  I’m so looking forward to singing in Bach’s churches again.  And what a special memory to share with Brendan.  He has very definite opinions on music, and luckily enjoys Bach.

A baby who likes Bach —how great is that! and congratulations, Meg.


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