Organ Mini-Festival Marathon


Is that an oxymoron or what?

Today I attended an organ mini-festival consisting of three two-hour organ recitals, described as a “journey” through Bach’s life. Part I was called “The Young Bach: From Ohrdruf to Weimar” and was played by organist William Porter. He gave some introductory remarks about the pieces he was going to play, then confessed that he found himself playing Bach’s youthful works faster than he would have done so normally — perhaps it was the exuberance of the composition that urged him to go faster.

Then he relayed a funny story about a young man who came to one of his workshops. When asked why he played so fast, he said “I play fast because I’m young. When I’m old (looking at the white-haired Porter), maybe I’ll play slower!”

Part II was played by Lorenzo Ghielmi and covered “The Mature Bach: Weimar to Leipzig.” He played four of the Great Eighteen and since I haven’t heard them since I left home (except in my head), they felt like old friends.

Part III was the complete Clavierüng, Part III, which John Scott from St. Thomas, New York played magnificently. It was heartwarming to see a full church at all three concerts!

At the second concert, I met organist Diane Meredith Belcher with whom I had a discussion about the Real Catharine Crozier. She said that artist representative, Karen McFarlane inherited Catharine’s jewelry, and that Karen gave Diane Catharine Crozier’s signature pearls!


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