Coming up for air

I’ve been busy in the last few days — I feel like I’ve been stuck to my computer as I have been doing research and  writing up program notes for my upcoming Bach Great Eighteen Chorales concerts on August 18 and 25. I have also worked on creating choral music editions of the four-part chorales (also done on the computer.)

Now I can finally come up for air as the first couple drafts of the program and notes are being reviewed by my local consultant. Also nearly all of the choral editions are finished and so my self-imposed deadline of August 1st to get them into the hands of the choristers should be no problem.

As you can see, I hate to procrastinate and like to have things ready well before they are due. The organ music is learned and so I just have to hold onto it for about four more weeks, something I call “maintenance” mode.

The historic Henry Willis organ

The historic Henry Willis organ at St. Mark’s is unfortunately unplayable. They have an electronic organ for the services.

So today I went to practice at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church where I will be substituting for the next two weeks while Dan Werning is on vacation. Both Dan and the rector, The Rev. Paul Lillie, are members of the Hawaii Chapter, American Guild of Organists. Yes, Father Paul is an organist (!) and has an undergraduate degree in music, in addition to having a Master of Theological Studies degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH. But he can’t very well play the organ and preside at the altar at the same time, so I’m happy to help, even though it’s another instance of “cooking in someone else’s kitchen,” as I describe organ  substituting gigs.

Stained glass window at St. Mark's Honolulu

Stained glass window at St. Mark’s Honolulu


Another stained glass window at St. Mark's

Another stained glass window at St. Mark’s

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