‘Oh, say can you see’

No endorsement of these glasses is implied or made.

No endorsement of these glasses is implied or made. (And they would not help my condition, either)

One of my favorite commercials on TV goes something like this:

Whenever I hear those iconic words, “O say can you see…” I always say to myself, “Not that good!”

So many times people whom I haven’t seen in awhile come up to me and say, “How are your eyes? How’s your vision?” usually I tell people, “I have good days and not-so-good days.”

Mostly, though, I don’t even think about it!

So I was a little surprised to be reminded of my macular degeneration when I opened this morning’s paper and saw this article on the Religion Page:

Today's Star-Advertiser, August 3, 2013

Today’s Star-Advertiser, August 3, 2013

I have worn contact lenses for nearsightedness since I was a teenager. About the time I passed the half-century mark, like many other people my age, I couldn’t see things that were close either and needed reading glasses over my contact lenses. Reading music on an organ rack became a big challenge because I needed to tilt my head up to use the bifocal parts of the glasses, resulting in a stiff neck and shoulders. Recently I got a new pair of monovision reading glasses which extends my reading vision UP so I don’t need to tilt my head so far.

But guess what! I have decided to “go bare” for my concerts! That means I will not wear my contacts! I will not wear my reading glasses! (Were you thinking I meant something else?!) My best near vision is when I go completely natural, and don’t use either contact lenses or reading glasses. I won’t be able to identify you across the room, so please don’t mind if I don’t smile back. I just can’t see you (!) but I will be able to see the music.

Here again are the links to RSVP on the FaceBook Event page: August 18 and August 25.
(The programs are NOT identical but different. Half of the Great Eighteen Chorales will be played on August 18th; the balance will be played on August 25th).

You can also buy tickets online by clicking this link or tickets will also be available at the door.

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  1. Anna Derby Blackwell says:

    Hope you’re getting the lucentis shots regularly! They don’t “cure” AMD, but they do halt its progress.

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