We're already planning an encore at both concerts.

We’re already planning an encore at both concerts.

An encore is an extra piece that is played at the end a performance. It is not on the program, although the performer may have secretly planned it. A performer will play an encore if the audience claps a lot. Sometimes the audience shout “encore!” when they want an encore. The word “encore” is the French word for “again”. An encore is usually a short piece. Often it is a fast piece to finish the performance off happily, but if a musician has just played a very energetic, loud piece, then the encore might be a quiet piece. A concert given by a solo performer or small group of performers is more likely to finish with an encore than a concert with an orchestra, but a lot depends on the tradition from one country to another. (Wikipedia)

I was wondering whether I am being too presumptuous to think that the audience will continue to clap after my upcoming Great Eighteen Chorales concerts on Sunday, August 18th and 25th and will expect an encore? Well, guess what, we ARE planning to play an encore at the end of each concert. And encores are not listed, even when they are planned.

In our case, the encore is a logistical necessity but you’ll have to come to the concert to find out why. Suffice it to say it has to do with the position of the Bach Chamber Choir.

What to plan for an encore? Bach, of course. But we will let you guess what the pieces are. One of them will be familiar, the other not so much.

Ticket sales are brisk, and we urge you to purchase online to avoid the lines. You’ll be able to pick up your ticket at the Will Call table.

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4 Responses to Encore

  1. david stuart kayner says:

    I know…. The b minor Mass and the St Matthew Passion.

  2. Heidi Bender says:

    Sounds like this will be an amazing concert! If I lived in Hawaii (or had a bigger travel budget) I would come.

  3. I would love to meet you someday, Heidi. We are planning to go to the National AGO convention in Boston next June. How about you?

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