A cool encore


The Bach Chamber Choir came up to the front to sing the chorale on Aus tiefer Not.

It was Carl Crosier’s idea that I play Bach’s monumental six-voice chorale motet, Aus tiefer Not from the Clavierübung, Part III as the encore for my first Great Eighteen Chorales concert. In previous posts, I mentioned that this is one of my favorite pieces, and one that I wanted played at my funeral.

“But Kathy, no one else in this town plays that piece!” said colleague, John Renke of St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

Guess what I was thinking of while playing the piece! Ice cream!

After I finished playing Aus tiefer Not, I thanked everyone for coming, then told them I wanted them to leave with something sweet in their mouths so I invited everyone to the courtyard for a scoop of ice cream! We offered scoops of chocolate and watermelon sorbet from Tropilicious, a local ice creamery. I must confess I got the idea from the AGO convention I attended in Bakersfield, CA when people exited one of the organ concerts and were treated to an ice cream social. I thought it was a pretty cool idea!


Jimmy and Olivia Castro

Jimmy and Olivia Castro, right, enjoy their ice cream scoops. Did you notice the napkins matched the color of my top?


Below, you can see John Renke talking to Becky Stretch, while her mother looks on.


20130819-174921.jpgIn the picture to the right, I am greeting Mark Lindsay, the father of one of my organ students. To the left is Margaret Lloyd, organist of Central Union Church, enjoying her ice cream.

Below, two of my organ students: Jordan McCreary, who is leaving for college, talks to Pastor Jeff Lilley.


Next week we will offer two different flavors. Come for the music! Stay for the ice cream!

P.S. All these great pictures were taken by Jean Lilley.

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