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Music is All in the Family!

Music is All in the Family in the Stark household.

Over the past three years, I have written many posts about Georgine and Darel Stark, who have been major players in the music program at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu — she a soprano, and he a violinist. Georgine just sang in my latest Bach Great Eighteen Chorales concert.

From a post I wrote about their “Starks Go For Baroque” concert in 2011:

Darel Stark and Georgine Duncan moved to Hawaii in August 1994 from Baltimore, where they first met as neighbors and students at the famed Peabody Conservatory. They moved to Hawaii, of course, because of Darel’s position with the Honolulu Symphony where he was violinist for 16 years [and now continues with the Hawaii Symphony]. Georgine contacted us right away, and the timing was fortuitous, since that first Christmas, it seemed like all the sopranos were either gone or sick. Our LCH music program took a lightning leap forward from that point, and we are indeed blessed that Georgine and Darel Stark have been so much a part of the music-making at the church. Now the second-generation of Starks are making their musical mark, with the musically-gifted Sophia and Raphael.

The winning performance, "Tomorrow"

The winning performance, “Tomorrow”

And so, in last night’s finals, Sophia won the Hawaii Keiki Stars competition which will be aired on KHON, channel 2 on Sunday, September 29th at 6:30 pm.

Congratulations, Sophia!


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