A stunning concert

is how one listener described Friday night’s Early Music Hawaii program, “Oratorio.”

Georgine and Carl after the concert.

Georgine and Carl after the concert.

What a truly wonderful concert last night!!!  One expects Georgine to outdo herself, and she did.  But Naomi really “covered herself in glory!” (as the Romans used to say).  Her tone and technique seem to have matured and acquired a level of professional competence I would not have anticipated.  I suspect much of that is due to you, Carl, working with her in preparation.  She was wonderful! We noticed in the program that this is a debut of sorts for you too, of the new EMH choir and orchestra.  That will really fill a niche in Honolulu’s music scene. (C.L.)

Here are some more comments we received:

“…it was a gem.” (M P..R.)

John Lenti and his theorbo.

John Lenti and his theorbo.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the concert tonight. Together with Early Music Hawaii, you brought an incredible experience to our community.  We are so fortunate to have musicians of your caliber in Honolulu! ” (J. M.)

“Last night was really terrific!  Thank you both so much, and Carl–what a wonderful job you did putting it all together.  I hope there will be more concerts like that to come–maybe a new project for your retirement, Carl?!  Congratulations to both of you.” (M.R.)

“A lovely concert” (J. C.)

“We were sitting there like proud parents” (S. T.)

“Now I don’t need to go to Europe to hear good early music.” (V. G.)

If you would like to see a copy of the complete program, click here. As we were cleaning up all the musical scores, we found a copy of the theorbo piece which John Lenti played as a solo, written in tablature.

Arpeggiata a mio modo by Bellerofonte Castaldi (1580-1649)

Arpeggiata a mio modo by Bellerofonte Castaldi (1580-1649)

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