An interview with Peter Hallock

Peter Hallock in his garden.

Peter Hallock in his garden.

As I have written in previous blog posts, it was the music of Peter Hallock and the repertoire he performed at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle, which was Carl Crosier’s inspiration for the music program at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu for many years. In 1987 we formed a publishing company, Ionian Arts, primarily to publish Peter Hallock’s music.


A new CD of Peter Hallock's music is coming soon.

A new CD of Peter Hallock’s music is coming soon.

Click here to watch a video posted on Markdavin Obenza’s FaceBook wall recently — Mark is the director of the Byrd Ensemble which is releasing a new CD of Peter Hallock’s music, called “Draw on sweet night.” The video is an interview with Peter Hallock and his experiences at St. Mark’s Cathedral, and how the acoustics of that large and reverberant space directly influenced his musical vocabulary. There are also musical clips from the recording session with the Byrd Ensemble.

More information about the new CD may be found on the Scribe Music website.



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