Like mother, like daughter

Ordinarily I refrain from identifying children in this blog, but when this girl’s parents posted this video to YouTube, I figured that it’s okay. (And I got specific permission as well.) The video is of eight-year-old Sophia Stark, daughter of violinist Darel Stark and soprano Georgine Stark, who won the Hawaii Stars Vocal Competition, Keiki Division, for her rendition of “Tomorrow,” from the Broadway musical Annie. She was the youngest contestant in her division.

Another love of Sophia's — Tahitian dancing!

Another love of Sophia’s — Tahitian dancing!

As you can guess, Sophia started music early. I have a recollection that Sophia had a cardboard violin to “play,” but then she quickly graduated to a real 32nd size violin. I looked through my old videos and found the one below of Sophia playing the violin.

Sophia's first violin

Sophia’s cardboard violin

Piano lessons, Tahitian dance classes, in addition to singing lessons  and homeschooling with mom, have kept Sophia busy.

Congratulations, Sophia! By the way, the entire Stark family will be in the next Hawaii Opera Theatre production—Dad will be in the orchestra and the rest of the family will be on stage!

Sophia at age 1

Sophia and her 32nd size violin

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