Sunday at St. Mark’s


The Flentrop organ at St. Mark’s is Peter Hallock’s legacy.

On Sunday morning we took Peter Hallock to St. Mark’s Cathedral where he had been the church musician for decades. No sooner had we walked in the door and we were besieged with people wanting to come up to greet him.

Mel Butler, the organist and choirmaster and Peter’s successor, also came up to us and immediately apologized that they were not singing any Hallock this morning. But he did play Schmücke dich from Bach’s Great Eighteen Chorales as the prelude, and it was like greeting an old friend.


After the service Mel and his wife, Mary Coon, and Peter Hallock and we all went out to lunch and reminisced about their time in Hawaii. It was only three years ago January that Mel played a recital at LCH.


Do you know, for all the times we have visited St. Mark’s, I have never tried out the magnificent Flentrop organ?

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