Plan B, revisited

We've had to postpone our European trip.

We’ve had to postpone our European trip.

As organists, we always have to be prepared with a Plan B, in case Plan A doesn’t pan out. I  have written about arriving at the church and having to make last-minute substitutions of stops for when a note is dead or stuck, or having to use a different manual. Or, in the case of not having a crescendo pedal, I’ve had to make do with setting up my pistons in increasing dynamic intensity.

Well, in this case, life has taken a veer towards another direction. It’s Saturday, the day after the Fourth of July, and by now, I would have been a crazy person trying to pack and get my life together before going on a European trip on Tuesday. I would have written a post about putting everything together in one single rehearsal as we did for the Fauré Requiem last Thursday night.

Instead I found myself calling 911 at 5:00 in the morning for an ambulance to take my husband Carl to the hospital after he fainted and in intense pain. The long and short of it was that he underwent emergency surgery for a gastric perforation and will be in the hospital for 4-6 days. So obviously he couldn’t conduct the Fauré Requiem for Dale Noble‘s memorial service today, although Joey Fala suggested that he could have done so from his hospital bed via Skype! Happily, Nola Nahulu stepped in at the last minute to save the day.

I also went to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church to practice this morning where I’ll be playing the High Mass tomorrow. Just in case you’d like to know what could have been a wonderful trip filled with music, here is our itinerary (cancelled as of today!)

July 8: Leave Honolulu for London via San Francisco. Take the train to York for the York Early Music Festival.

We had tickets to hear Jordi Savall!

We had tickets to hear Jordi Savall!

July 10: Jordi Savall & Hesperion XXI

July 11: Rose Consort of Viols; The Sixteen

July 12: Yorkshire Baroque Soloists

July 13: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

July 14-16: Edinburgh, Scotland.

July 16-18: London, England (visit with former LCH parishioner Joan Ishibashi, who was going to join us in York for the York Early Music Festival)

July 18: Take the train from London to Paris via the Chunnel, and pick up a rental car.

July 19: Visit Reims Cathedral

Asteria: Sylvia Rhyne and Eric Redlinger medieval music duo

Asteria: Sylvia Rhyne and Eric Redlinger medieval music duo

July 20: Visit Sylvia Rhyne and Eric Redlinger of Asteria in Dijon, France. (They gave a concert on January 24th, 2014 at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. See my post “Impromptu Concert.

July 22: Rencontres de Musique Médiéval (Medieval Music Festival) in Thoronet, France; Ensemble alla Francesca

July 24: Soloists and choirs of the Academy of Ancient Music of Thoronet

Thoronet, France (near Nice)

Thoronet, France (near Nice)

July 25: Lamentations of Jeremiah by Diabolus in Music

July 26: Spiritual chants of Russia

July 27: Day in Nice, France

July 28: Fly back to London

July 29: Home to Honolulu

Oh, well! Carl promises we’ll book another European trip as soon as he feels better! And, thank you all for your messages of concern and prayers!

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  1. Randy Castello says:

    Our thoughts and prayers for healing are with Carl. Thankfully this didn’t ‘to happen enroute to or in Europe. Take care!

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